Apple Cider Vinegar for Acne – Banish acne for good

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There are virtually thousands of anti acne solutions advertised all over the place – websites, blogs, TV, magazines and newspapers. If you happened to suffer from acne, you’ve probably tried a few worthless treatments in the past. Well, you’re not alone – thousands of acne sufferers are hanging their hopes on treatments that can’t physiologically help them.

This common mistake can be easily avoided, but we’ll get back to that later.


What is apple cider vinegar and how it works?

One of the anti-acne solutions you hear a lot about is apple cider vinegar. This substance is obtained from naturally fermented apples, maturated in wooden barrels. The vinegar obtained that way, contains a lot of enzymes and minerals. Apple cider vinegar also contains alpha-hydroxy acids, which dissolve fatty deposits when applied topically on your face or on other parts of your body affected by acne. Apple cider vinegar acne treatment can work for certain people, for a variety of reasons:

  • It dissolves fatty deposits from your skin and thus clear pores.
  • It has a slight antibacterial effect, and it contains minerals, enzymes and acids that are beneficial for the skin.
  • People are using this home remedy for tens of years, and not only topically, but also internally. It is said that apple vinegar helps you lose weight, lower blood cholesterol and lower your blood sugar. However, these claims haven’t been proven by scientific research yet.

Pros and cons of apple cider vinegar

When it comes to apple cider vinegar acne solution, one big advantage is that you don’t have to pay tens or hundreds of dollars for it. Apple cider vinegar is really cheap – even if you buy the organic, natural stuff, you will be paying only a few dollars for a gallon sized bottle. Also, apple cider vinegar doesn’t contain a lot of chemicals or toxic substances, like most of the anti acne ointments, cleansers or toners on the market. So, even if it doesn’t work great for curing your acne, at least you are not bombarding your body with a lot of dangerous substances.

Still, there are some precautions you need to take when using apple cider vinegar for acne. Sometimes, the product is obtained from apples that were sprayed with chemicals, and if you have sensitive skin you might develop a rash or an irritation. Also, you can’t apply the product on your face as it is, when you buy it from the store. Undiluted, the product is too harsh for the skin. So, if you don’t dilute the apple vinegar correctly, you might end up with red, irritated skin. Normally, you should use one part vinegar and nine parts water. If you decided to give this treatment a try, you should search for apple cider vinegar obtained from organic apples and fermented naturally, in wooden barrels. This type of vinegar is light brown and you should notice, at the bottom of the bottle, some sediment looking like a transparent gelatin. It’s the sign of unpasteurized, organic apple vinegar.

Can apple cider vinegar help you get rid of acne for good?

Let’s make this clear – topical solutions can’t cure acne, because the roots of acne are an internal imbalance of your body. In order to become acne free for good, you must tackle the real causes of your acne, something that one-dimensional treatment such as apple cider vinegar can’t help you with. That is why topical solutions, the ones that you apply on your skin, might improve the aspect of your skin a little, but they are certainly unable to help you achieve permanent acne freedom.

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